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Welcome to Soul CO


Who are we?

Where are we?

We are a discord server, but we also maintain this wiki here to help us organize our stuff. Our server admininstrator also maintains a Patreon (to pay for a whole host of things) that gives you sneak peaks, custom items, and a whole lot more if you subscribe. This is NOT REQUIRED at all; Soul Co has been, is, and will remain free for everyone.

How do I join?

Either go to or contact kitskiss#2152.

What is this?

This is our wiki/website to help organize everything that we have available outside of the normal DnD 5e experience.

Category:Homebrew Monsters

A collection of all of the homebrew monsters we want to showcase here. This is by no means all of them. But we like to show off a bit of what we have.

Category:Homebrew Items

These are our homebrew items. Some of them have come from our community, the rest were the creation of the staff team. These range from tiny and cute to legendary artifacts.

Category:Custom Items

This is a special category of Homebrew Items. Sometimes its a gift or reward, but it is a guarantee to our Patreon Subscribers. These are crafted specially for a character in a collaborative process with members of our staff.

Category:Retired Quests