Mask of Deceit

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Very Rare, Requires Attunement



Created for services to Vanalir and her Mistress, this cursed mask shields its wearer's thoughts and honeyed words from detection...but at a cost.

The mask provides its wearer with advantage on Deception and Intimidation checks, but the curse causes disadvantage on Persuasion checks. In addition, if the wearer fails a persuasion check, the others involved immediately assume the wearer is lying or in some way not presenting the truth.

The mask prevents magic from reading the wearer's mind, telling they're lying, knowing their alignment, or communicating telepathically. Unlike normal items or spells, this cannot be suppressed.

The mask also provides a +2 to the wearer's Charisma score and maximum for that score.

If the wearer attempts to remove the mask, it immediately deals 2d6 psychic damage to the wearer. It then reappears on the face of its wearer. Casting a Remove Curse spell while removing it will cause it to instead deal 10d6 psychic damage that cannot be reduced in any way. After the damage is done, if the wearer survives, they can then remove the mask.